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The Business Law department is the main component of NEMIS PARIS. The firm has the required resources to provide legal assistance to economic players in the main areas of business life.

The firm's mergers & acquisitions teams act on behalf of potential buyers, vendors, target companies, financial institutions, merchant bankers and other parties within the scope of operations such as the negotiated sale of shares or assets of medium-size unlisted companies, acquisitions financed through loans and company mergers.

Acquisition or sale of companies or business lines
At all stages of the processes, NEMIS PARIS assists its clients in the purchase or sale of companies, from preparatory operations through to the signing of the deeds and including the set-up of a financing structure, assistance with negotiations, the writing of deeds such as protocols, shareholder agreements, guarantee agreements and any other contractual documents.

The firm intervenes on behalf of managers and industrial or commercial companies from all business sectors, in acquisitions of majority or minority shareholdings, acquisitions or sales of business lines or assets and the set-up of joint ventures or strategic alliances.

NEMIS PARIS has developed specific expertise concerning the operational financing of enterprises in the fields of biotechnology, health, telecommunications, the provision of traditional services and the real-estate sector. The firm offers a comprehensive range of services from the set-up to the completion of private operations for established companies as well as start-ups.

In particular, the team works with emerging companies and financial intermediaries within the scope of fund raising operations, from initial investment through start-up venture capital, all the way to the issuing of compound securities.

NEMIS PARIS offers its clients services covering all aspects of corporate law. The firm also offers these services to non-profit-making organisations, foundations and cooperatives.

NEMIS PARIS counsels business groups and individual businesses on all operations concerning the launch, conduct and management of projects. The firms also assists its clients in their contractual relations.